Client Focus
The interests of clients are our top priority and they will always take precedence if a conflict of interest arises with our shareholders or employees.
We strive to fully meet or exceed our clients' expectations through high-quality products and services.
We take the initiative to understand our clients' needs, predict market trends and provide innovative solutions.
We strive to enhance our service level by creating new solutions with innovative thinking and advanced technology.
We are committed to an honest and representative sharing of both risks and rewards. We expect real teamwork, mutual respect and encourage an open, cooperative and communicative spirit throughout our company.
We value tolerance and diversification. Our company is a meritocracy that disregards race, nationality, cultural background, ideology, etc.
We strive to win trust of the investing public as well as the regulators and uphold our reputation for integrity in the marketplace.
We exemplify the highest standards of personal and professional ethics in all aspects of our business and will never abandon our integrity.
We will accomplish our objectives with high professional standards and continuously challenge ourselves to fulfill new goals.
We strive to be the market leader in our industry, and characterized by our passion and excellent achievements.
Based on mutual respect, we respect our employee’s hard work and fully understand and trust them.
We carefully listen to and respect our investors, and make improvement according to their opinions.
The Mission of Bank of China Investment Management Co. ltd is to serve our clients in China and abroad by providing a platform of excellence and integrity from which to offer quality, innovative financial products and solutions. The value we deliver shall be underpinned by teamwork and professional management based upon our unique global experience and local knowledge. We aim to advance the needs of our clients, the development of the industry and the future growth of China.
We aim to serve our clients with integrity; and through our collective wisdom we help them to create wealth.